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From Ashley Williams <>
Subject Re: Replacing build.xml with - Doing Ant builds directly from Java
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 09:56:37 GMT

You are right what you see is nasty ;) however I deliberately inlined  
the code for clarity.
In practice I actually abstract most of it into helper classes which  
is really
easy to do and you can mostly get away with code like this:

new UntarTask(src, dest).execute(); // execute single statement
new AntTarget(task1, task2, task3).execute(); // execute multiple  

Anyone is free to take a look at some of my code here

to get a head start on this, although if you copy it too closely be  
aware of the apache
open source license


 From my personal experience I've always found it to be the case that  
it's only a matter
of time before the build code not only requires logic, but also needs  
to be accessible
from the application - strange as that may sound. Unifying the  
codebase in that way
lets you do the simple, such as display the dependencies in the  
application about
box to the complex such as easily toggle aspectj load time weaving.

Yes extensions such as contrib can sort of help with this but IMHO  
when you go too far
down this road you are admitting that the (xml) ant DSL is no longer a  
good match
for your project. And until recently there hasn't been anywhere to  
turn to for such

- Ashley

On 12 Jun 2009, at 00:42, Michael Ludwig wrote:

> Ashley Williams schrieb am 11.06.2009 um 17:51:45 (+0100):
>> 		// create the ant parent project
>> 		Project project = new Project();
>> 		project.setName("project");
>> 		project.init();
>> 		// create the child target
>> 		Target target = new Target();
>> 		target.setName("target");
>> 		project.addTarget(target);
>> 		project.addBuildListener(new Log4jListener());
> The Ant XML isn't exactly compact and doesn't flow like, say, Python
> or Perl; but painstakingly recreating the XML structure from the API
> is even harder for the eyeball.
> But of course, this usage may have its places and applications.
> Michael Ludwig
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