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From Shawn Castrianni <>
Subject RE: delete directory structures older than X days
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 16:30:28 GMT
I needed something similar.  Both of our requirements requires the age of a file/directory
to be determined.  Therefore, the easiest approach I found was to write my own ANT condition.
 By writing a condition, you can use it inside an if statement or whatever else in ANT that
supports conditions.  Here is source code.  I am sure it can be improved.



public class FileAgeCondition implements Condition {
  protected String _file = null;
  protected float _age = -999.25F;  //In seconds
  protected boolean _olderThan = true;

  public boolean eval() throws BuildException
    if((_file == null) || (_file.length() == 0))
      throw new BuildException("file must be set");
    if(_age == -999.25F)
      throw new BuildException("age must be set");
    File file = new File(_file);
    long now = System.currentTimeMillis();
    long fileAge = file.lastModified();
    float testAge = _age * 1000.0F;
    boolean retVal;
      retVal = (now - fileAge) > testAge;
      retVal = (now - fileAge) < testAge;

  public void setFile(String file)
    _file = file;

  public void setAge(float age)
    _age = age;
Shawn Castrianni

-----Original Message-----
From: Sascha Ernst [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 10:58 AM
Subject: delete directory structures older than X days


I googled the mailing list archive and found a matching solution based on javascript for ant

I'm using ant 1.7.1 and tried this to delete NBS-folders (NightlyBuildSystem) older than a
specific amount of time.

  <target name="delete.old.stuff"
          description="delete all NBS stuff which is older than a specific amount of time">

    <!-- start the timer -->
    <stopwatch name="timer.delete.old.stuff"/>

    <!-- first calculate the borderline timestamp -->
      <format property="borderline.timestamp" pattern="MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm aa"
              offset="${deletion.threadshold}" unit="day"/>

	<echo message="borderline.timestamp=${borderline.timestamp}" />
	<!-- now delete all NBS checkouts and stuff older than that boderline timestamp -->
	<echo message="delete ${NBS.dir.prefix}** in ${nbsdir} before ${borderline.timestamp}"
	<delete includeemptydirs="true" verbose="true">
	  <dirset dir="${nbsdir}" includes="${NBS.dir.prefix}**">	  
	    <date datetime="${borderline.timestamp}" when="before" checkdirs="true"/>

	<!-- now determine the  artifact folder -->
	<property name="artifact.dir" value="${builddir}/CruiseControl/artifacts/${projectname}"

	<echo message="artifact.dir=${artifact.dir}" />

	<!-- now delete all artifacts and stuff older than that boderline timestamp -->
	<echo message="delete **/**/* in ${artifact.dir} before ${borderline.timestamp}" />
	<delete includeemptydirs="true"  verbose="true">
	  <dirset dir="${artifact.dir}" includes="**/**/*">	  
	    <date datetime="${borderline.timestamp}" when="before"  checkdirs="true"/>
	<!-- print out timer and reset it -->
    <stopwatch name="timer.delete.old.stuff" action="total"/>

    <echo message="DONE : delete.old.stuff" />

Unfortunately this construction does not delete anything :-(

The console says this:
     [echo] borderline.timestamp=06/06/2009 17:32 PM
     [echo] delete NBS-run** in F:/NightlyBuildSystem before 06/06/2009 17:32 PM
     [echo] artifact.dir=F:\NightlyBuildSystem/CruiseControl/artifacts/Mailminder NBS
     [echo] delete **/**/* in F:\NightlyBuildSystem/CruiseControl/artifacts/Mailminder NBS
before 06/06/2009 17:32 PM
[stopwatch] [timer.delete.old.stuff: 0.844 sec]
     [echo] DONE : delete.old.stuff

Is there something I'm doing completely wrong?
Is there any possibility to delete such old stuff without using javascript anyway?

Thanks for your time and your help


///Sascha Ernst///

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