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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: Progessbar on the console?
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 01:22:06 GMT
Dominique Devienne schrieb am 18.06.2009 um 19:42:12 (-0500):

> As you may have read, Ant redirects java.System.out to intercept all
> println calls to send them to a Logger and zero or more listeners. But
> it also does line buffering on this stream, which prevents Junit-like
> dot-dot-dot output to the console.

Yes, that would have to change, I guess. Difficult?

> You have very little control (to not say not at all) over the tty in
> Java to do something like what you describe in a portable manner, but
> I could be wrong.

Ah, so not only Ant makes it complicated, but also Java. Google found me

Haven't looked more closely, but progress bars don't seem impossible in
Java. So only Ant would have to accomodate this.

> As you can see, my knowledge of the topic is quite limited, but
> hopefully this might help a little nonetheless. --DD

Less limited than mine - good input, thanks!

Michael Ludwig

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