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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Progessbar on the console?
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2009 23:35:56 GMT
>From googling, I know that Ant cannot display a progress bar on the
console. I know about the <splash> task, but that's not the same. What I
have in mind is something like Term::ProgressBar in Perl, which is nice,
here's a (slightly edited) screenshot:

C:\ :: \dev\Perl\
76% [================================================                ]

That's cool for running stuff on the server and knowing that it'll be
done in five minutes.

Of course, you don't always know how long a task will take, but there
are scenarios where it is absolutely possible to give a reasonable
estimate. Batch processing 34567 XML files, for example. I know how many
I've done, I know how many are left. My task would notify the embedded
<progressbar/>, which has been initialized with @count = 34567, and
update it each time around. Whenever the update makes a difference on
the screen, the screen is also updated.

Would that be very complicated to do in Ant?

Michael Ludwig

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