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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: Doing Ant builds
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 00:05:39 GMT
Ina, Antoine schrieb am 11.06.2009 um 19:58:37 (+0200):
> I am posing a general question about Ant vs Make vs Batch:
> 1- What is advantage of Ant script over regular Batch script that
> calls up the solution files for all the projects in your system tree
> of projects(for Windows platform)

Now what's a "regular Windows batch script"? I like cmd.exe, but come
on, you don't want to program in that language, using GOTO and all that

So you'd use WSH with VB, Perl, or whatever.

But then, WSH is no more cross-platform than CMD/BAT files.

For Java, you really want and need a cross-platform solution. The other
day on this list, I wondered why back then, they didn't simply choose
Perl or Python, which were and still are very good cross-platform tools.

Well, why not? :-)

First, Java was Java and couldn't possibly reuse, of all things, Perl.
(Although it would have worked very, very well for general purpose OS
and network and mail and whatnot stuff.)

Then, bootstrapping Java by Java certainly has advantages.

But why the clunky XML syntax? When Ant was conceived, XML was a hot
new thing, the final solution to almost everything, so doing XML was en

Language design and syntax coherence probably weren't top priorities.

Somehow, Ant was adopted. How did it happen, and why? Does anyone know?

Today, you could also consider shifting off programming work (if you
have to do any) from Ant to Python or JRuby scripts, as there are Java
implementations of these languages. (Still no Perl.)

Michael Ludwig

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