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From <>
Subject AW: Ruby on Rails ahead when it comes to unified build and deploy
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 06:14:33 GMT
>The Ruby on Rails world seems to have it covered when it comes 
>to unifying
>build through deployment using a consistent tool chain.
>* rake for build
>* capistrano for deploy 
>** cap is based on rake
>Aligning tools like this is a good idea enabling tighter 
>application life
>cycle time and leverages skills.
>I am wondering what you all think prevents the Ant/Java world 
>from adopting
>similar tool chain concept. Here are some questions that come 
>to my mind:
>* Perhaps this isn't recognized as a significant problem worth 
>solving ?
>* Organizational obstacles prevent it?
>* Lack suitable tools?
>* Environments/support groups too siloed or disconnected to support the
>Seems like all the potential bits and pieces are there to support the
>concept. Curious what people think.

I think Java applications are used in larger companies which already
have deployment tools. Introducing another is then impossible.
Also deployment depends on the used application server. The JSR for
unifying that
is not very successful I heard ...


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