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From <>
Subject Re: AW: Ant task to pre-compile JSPs
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 11:56:20 GMT
I'm still missing something.  The reason I want to get pre-compiled Java classes is so that
I can instrument those classes for the purposes of running a tests coverage report (I'm using
Cobertura).  It would be great to have these files after I do my Ant build so then i can run
my MockStrutsTestCase unit tests.  Could you provide some additional info about what the FAQ
answer means and how I can apply it to my situation?

Thanks, - 

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>  Subject: AW: Ant task to pre-compile JSPs
>  Sent: Apr 07 '09 06:36
>  >What is the Ant task to pre-compile JSPs into class/java
>  >files?  I'm using Ant 1.6, WebLogic 9.2.2 with Java 1.5.  
>  This is an often asked question, so I added a FAQ entry
>  "Ant has a built in optional task <jspc>  which was intended for that.
>  But this task is deprecated.  Here the alternative suggested by the
>  manual:
>  Instead of relying on container specific JSP-compilers we suggest
>  deploying the raw files (*.jsp) and use the container build-in
>  functions: after deploying run a test suite (e.g. with Cactus or
>  HttpUnit) against the deployed web application. So you'll get then test
>  result and the compiled JSPs."
>  Jan
>  p.s.
>  The website need a little bit time for being updated.
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