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From Brian Pontarelli <>
Subject Savant 1.5 released
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2009 15:17:30 GMT
Just wanted to drop a quick note to all the Ant users that Savant 1.5  
has been released. Although the version implies that it is compatible  
with 1.0, it is a complete rewrite and it adds a number of new  
features. In fact, 1.0 has been removed and is no longer really  
supported or actively developed. Here's some of the cool new features:

	- A new command-line wrapper around Ant
		- This provides a cool plugin approach to ant
		- Plugins are downloaded during the build
		- Plugins are just Ant build scripts
		- Greatly simplifies build scripts
		- Provides common targets across projects
		- You can use the plugins Savant provides or write your own
		- Plugins are JAR files downloaded from a Savant repository that  
contain Ant build scripts
		- There is even a 'plugin' plugin to help you write your own plugins

	- New configuration file (project.xml)
		- Terse dependency definitions
		- Same support for artifacts, artifact groups, and multiple  
dependency sets

	- Externalized workflows
		- We moved the workflows out of the project files and into your home  
		- This allows Savant repository servers to change (location/name)  
overtime without breaking historical builds
		- Uses a convention based approach to determine the correct workflow  
to use
		- Provides a good set of default workflows

	- Better version compatibility and transitive dependency management
		- We changed the way transitive dependencies are determined
		- Dependencies can now define their compatibility type (major,  
minor, patch, etc)

	- A simple Savant repository hosted at
		- This doesn't include all the dependencies from ibiblio, but it has  
some good ones
		- Savant uses this by default

	- Support for Maven2 repositories

You can check out the latest docs and download Savant 1.5 from the  
project page at (this is  
Savant's new home). Feedback, patches, and new committers are welcomed.

If you want to take a look at the source code for 1.5, use the branch  
named '1.5' as trunk is being used actively for development of 2.0.


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