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From Felix Dorner <>
Subject RE: Dynamic macro dispatch.
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 13:30:28 GMT
Hey David,

Thanks for your suggestions.

> Well the only reason I specified the method below is that you
> asked what could be done with ant-core.

> However, if you're able to use ant-contrib, then you can
> simplify it a little more using the ant-contrib <if> task.

Of course this is a possibility, but it would assume I *know*
all possible values that the property would ever take. (I know,
I only spoke of a,b,c, but of course I'm trying to abstract as
much as possible..

And every time someone downstream wants to add a new possible
property and a corresponding macro definition, he would
need to write me an email and ask me to modify that piece
of code to include his value.

<macroExec name="${x}"/> would just pretty much nail it down.


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