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From <>
Subject AW: Target "ûf" does not exist in the project "null".
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 06:29:20 GMT
>I'm a newbie trying to use ant to build code needed for some VoyenceControl
>apps. I've installed ant and axis and attempt to execute ant -f build.xml as
>instructed and I get the following:

$ant -f build.xml
With -f you specify which buildfile (here build.xml) to use.
Ant defaults to use 'build.xml' to use, so in this case you dont have to specify the -f.

>Warning: Reference has not been set at runtime, but was found during
>build file parsing, attempting to resolve. Future versions of Ant may support
>referencing ids defined in non-executed targets.

In your buildscript there is a taskdef
  <taskdef resource="" classpathref=""/>
Here you reuse the reference "", but nowhere (before) is a construct
  <path id="">...</path>

So place the <path> _before_ the <taskdef>.

>Target "ûf" does not exist in the project "null".

"null" is the name of the project. You can specify that on
  <project name="...">

I dont know where the target instruction "ûf" comes from. Maybe some hidden characters
from the command line? Try again with "ant".


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