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From <>
Subject AW: how to run two exec tasks within the same command shell
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 09:13:41 GMT
>the two executable file, one is called "setENV.cmd", the other is
called "doThings.exe". 
>in the windows command console, the "setENV.cmd" is used to setup the
>environment, and it must be run first, then the "doThings.exe" can be
>or not, "doThings.exe" can't work. the manual operation works well,
>we can type the two commands within the SAME command console. 
>but while i run them in the ant script by exec task, there is problem.,
>build.xml snippet is as follow: 
><target name="deploy"> 
><exec executable="setENV.cmd" /> 
><exec executable="doThings.exe"> 
><arg value="......" /> 
><arg value="......" /> 

>while i execute the target, i am sure the "setENV.cmd" is run 
>well, but the "doThings.exe" can't work well, 
>that means the two exec tasks are not run within the same 
>command shell, who can tell me how to config the ant to run the two
exec tasks 
>within the same shell? 

<exec> starts a new thread/process. Therefore you cant process two
'executables' in the 
same <exec>.
What you could do is a workaround:
- create a batch file with all invokations
- call the batch


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