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From <>
Subject AW: AW: AW: scite as3 + ant + flex sdk
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 06:21:16 GMT
> >>In  the flex sdk folder, there is also the file : 
> >>flexTasks.tasks
> >>It contains :
> >>mxmlc=flex.ant.MxmlcTask
> >>compc=flex.ant.CompcTask
> >>html-wrapper=flex.ant.HtmlWrapperTask
> > 
> > Best place for that file is IN the jar ...
> > Could you check if the jar contains that too?
> > 
> I very don't know how to do it !
> the jar file is compiled,may be it can be see in the java 
> "source" folder of the flex folder,
> but there is a lot of think on it and I don't know how all this think
> work...

Because JAR is only a ZIP file with special entries, you could open
it with any ZIP program (WinZip, 7zip, ...). Just see if there is an 
entry "/flexTasks.task" (in the root directory).

> > IMO you should
> > - create a directory "antlibs" in your project
> > - place the flexTasks.jar and flexTasks.tasks files there
> > - use <tasksdef resource="flexTasks.tasks" classpath="antlibs"/>
> > 
> I did this and it seem to had resolve a part of the problem 
> as I don't have anymore my first error message, 
> but know I got a new one :
> /home/ordi/Bureau/Telechargements/scite-as3/sample/build.xml:3
> : taskdef
> class flex.ant.CompcTask cannot be found

Ok, here the directory layout I suggested:
    | build.xml
    +-- antlib
    ...     flexTasks.jar

And build.xml contains
    <project ... basedir="."> <!-- or no 'basedir' -->
        <tasksdef resource="flexTasks.tasks" classpath="antlibs"/>

And flexTasks.tasks contains

So ./antlib/flexTasks.jar must contain "/flex/ant/MxmlcTask.class",
and "/flex/ant/HtmlWrapperTask.class". (Test with ZIP-Program).

(Maybe you want to try a (Java+Ant) tutorial for warming up with Ant. but this
a basic knowledge of Java. But the sources are all there.)

> I saw that there is a problem with compcTask on linux on this page :
> labsadobe 
> near the end of the page : Problem with compc task on linux ('unknown
> configuration variable compiler.source-path'
> But I don't know if it could have a link with my problem, I 
> don't understand what they say... :-)

   "The compc task fails on linux (but works on windows) with the error:

   [compc] command line: Error: unknown configuration variable
'compiler.source-path .'

   "I fixed this by changing the compc script as follows:
      java $VMARGS -jar "$FLEX_HOME/lib/compc.jar"
+flexlib="$FLEX_HOME/frameworks" "$@"
      java $VMARGS -jar "$FLEX_HOME/lib/compc.jar"
+flexlib="$FLEX_HOME/frameworks" $@
    i.e. removing the quotes from the variable arguments passed to

This is not Ant or Java related. The author changed the wrapper script,
Adobe provides to call the compc compiler. The last argument of the
instruction was "passing all parameters from the command line to the
java program": $@. The original quoted this "@*" which result in ONE
parameter for Java. Without the quotes $@ Java gets multiple values. And
this seems to be required.

I dont know if you use that wrapper script (a Unix batch file).
But I you get the same error and you use the script, you could give it a


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