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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: javadoc
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2009 23:09:51 GMT

no, javadoc is not able out of the box to generate documentation for 
several projects in one go.
It will on the command line do this for you if you enumerate the list of 
source directories like in this example [1]:

C:> javadoc -sourcepath C:\user1\src;C:\user2\src com.mypackage

Ant has also a sourcepathref attribute for the javadoc task [2]

so you can define your source path like that :

<path id="allmysources">
   <pathelement location="C:\user1\src"/>
   <pathelement location="C:\user2\src"/>

<javadoc sourcepathref="allmysources" ....

My guess is the hard part for you will be to create the <path type 
definition. To make it on the fly dynamically, you could have a script 
generating the path in its own file. Of course the file created on the 
fly has to be done before it is needed. Maybe someone has a better idea 
about that.




Res Pons wrote:
> Reposting again.
> Shouldn't javadoc automatically recurse through directories?  It 
> doesn't for me.  I would like to run javadoc at the root of all my 
> projects w/o telling it it each .java file.  We have a multi-project 
> platform all residing within a master project and each having their 
> own src subfolder and many .java source files:
> MasterProject
>  proj1
>     -src
>  proj2
>     -src
>  proj3
>     -src
> The command below, in my original email, does not work for me.  But if 
> I generate a for-loop at the DOS prompt from the root of all the 
> projects, I get it to work but the result is is not correct.  All the 
> examples out there are geared toward a single project.  How can I get 
> javadoc to recurse automatically? I do not see a command line option.  
> Once I successfully run this at the command prompt or from a batch 
> file, I will then convert it to Ant/xml.
> Thanks
> ----Original Message Follows----
> From: "Res Pons" <>
> Reply-To: "Ant Users List" <>
> To:
> Subject: javadoc
> Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 21:28:18 -0700
> Almost wrong forum, I know...but...
> I would like to test and run javadoc at a DOS prompt before writing 
> ant code for it but the problem is that when I cd into my project and 
> execute the following, I get an error1 and nothing happens.
> c:\>cd Builds\project1
> C:\Builds\project1>javadoc -sourcepath widgegts\src:3rdpary\scr *.java 
> -d javadocs
> javadoc: error - File not found: "*.java"
> 1 error
> How come javadoc is not recursing through my subfolders?

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