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From 3akycka <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: scite as3 + ant + flex sdk
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 20:54:29 GMT


Thank you very much for your attention,

Jan.Materne wrote:
>>In  the flex sdk folder, there is also the file : 
>>It contains :
> Best place for that file is IN the jar ...
> Could you check if the jar contains that too?

I very don't know how to do it !
the jar file is compiled,may be it can be see in the java "source" folder of
the flex folder,
but there is a lot of think on it and I don't know how all this think

> After loading that resource <taskdef> tries to load the implementation
> classes, which should be in the JAR you copied to ANT/lib.
Again,I very don't know how to check this.

> IMO you should
> - create a directory "antlibs" in your project
> - place the flexTasks.jar and flexTasks.tasks files there
> - use <tasksdef resource="flexTasks.tasks" classpath="antlibs"/>

I did this and it seem to had resolve a part of the problem as I don't have
anymore my first error message, 
but know I got a new one :

/home/ordi/Bureau/Telechargements/scite-as3/sample/build.xml:3: taskdef
class flex.ant.CompcTask cannot be found

I saw that there is a problem with compcTask on linux on this page : labsadobe 
near the end of the page : Problem with compc task on linux ('unknown
configuration variable compiler.source-path'
But I don't know if it could have a link with my problem, I don't understand
what they say... :-)

Sorry to take your time with my questions, but I very don't know Ant and I
very need to make Actionscript on Linux

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