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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: ant for and foreach tasks use them or not
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2009 13:32:42 GMT
On 2009-01-12, Francis Galiegue <> wrote:

> The more it goes, the more I'm skeptical about this "different development
> model" schism between ant and ant-contrib.

Ant == community driven ASF project
ant-contrib == "benevolent dictator" style project with external

> Or is there also a license compatibility problem?

ant-contrib uses the older 1.1 version of the Apache (Software)
License, that shouldn't be an issue.  IP could be an issue since the
ant-contrib project (like most any open source project outside the
bigger foundations) accepted patches without asking for proper
legaleese - I'm not blaming ant-contrib, this is how most projects do

The problem (if there really is one) is two-sided.

On the one hand ant-contrib contains some tasks that would never ever
make it into Ant because they are in direct violation of the Ant
developer's design decisions (<var>) and on the other hand code from
ant-contrib needed to be properly contributed to the ASF, which
involves having people sign paper work that you may not know how to

Personally I'd prefer to see ant-contrib do a release and have people
use that over forking ant-contrib anywhere.


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