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From Rémon van Gijn <>
Subject RE: ant for and foreach tasks use them or not
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2009 15:00:33 GMT
Hi patrick,

I think you can use the lib (just 1) without hesitation, why they are not in normal ant is
mystery to us as well, but we have been using ant contrib. For 4 years now and use it in our
entire build system (and it quite large). I would not know what to do without them.  As far
we are concerned this is the ant-y way to go.

Met vriendelijke groet,




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From: patrick wyss [] 
Sent: donderdag 8 januari 2009 15:43
Subject: ant for and foreach tasks use them or not

hi there,

i have the reqirement to do a java call for each file in a filelist.

first i tought i'd use the "Apply" task, but then again i do not realy want
to start a new process and load a new JVM etc. for each file i handle.

so next i tried with macrodef but this gets rather clumsy when a lot of
files are handled as well (when i first saw the macrodef examples in the ant
documentation i thougth it would unroll the filesets...)

so now i found for and foreach from the ant-contrib
1) i do not want to install additional tools if not absolutely necessary
2) some of the other tasks seem rather obscure to me (AntCallBack,
RunTarget, Throw) so i'm a bit worried of the quality of the contributions
3) for and foreach are existing for a long time already and seem to do
pretty useful things. so why are they not part of ant itself? is there a
more ant-y way of doing what they do?
(appart from writing my own ant task...)

any help appreciated
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