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From "Ben Stover" <>
Subject How to declare artifact dependencies for versions X.Y OR NEWER (!) ?
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2009 19:51:32 GMT
In an Ant script I can declare dependencies similar to the sample shown at the bottom.
However, if the version coded in the Ant script is outdated then the version is NOT found/downloaded.
How can I tell Ant that if the specified version is NOT existing (any more) but a newer one

then this newer version should be downloaded instead?

Sample snippet where the download is NOT found and nothing is downloaded:

	<target name="copyextradependencies">
		<artifact:dependencies filesetId="icefaces.fileset" versionsId="icefaces.versions">
			<dependency groupId="org.icefaces" artifactId="icefaces" version="1.7.2">
				<exclusion groupId="javax.el" artifactId="el-api" />
			<dependency groupId="org.icefaces" artifactId="icefaces-comps" version="1.7.2">
				<exclusion groupId="javax.el" artifactId="el-api" />
			<dependency groupId="org.icefaces" artifactId="icefaces-facelets" version="1.7.2">
				<exclusion groupId="javax.el" artifactId="el-api" />
			<remoteRepository refId="" />
		<copy todir="${example.tmp.lib.dir}">
			<fileset refid="icefaces.fileset" />
			<mapper classpathref="maven-ant-tasks.classpath" classname="org.apache.maven.artifact.ant.VersionMapper"

from="${icefaces.versions}" to="flatten" />

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