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From <>
Subject AW: Re-installed Eclipse, now Ant won't run
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 05:55:12 GMT
>I just re-installed Eclipse 3.4 (Win XP) with Ant 1.7.  
>Something is wrong with my environment (I'm thinking) because 
>I'm not able to run even a simple build script, like the below.
><project name="test" default="echotest" basedir=".">
>	<target name="echotest" description="build production ear">
>		<echo>Hello all</echo> 
>	</target>	
>When I run this through the Ant perspective, the console 
>indicates that the process kicked off, but hangs and never 
>terminates (notice the red terminate button is active) -- 
>My gut tells me this has something to do with my environment 
>but I don't know what to check or where the problem is 
>reported.  Any ideas where to start?

Ant per se is a command line utility. You are starting your buildfile
from Eclipse which means that its AntRunner is in the pipeline. 
For checking your Ant "installation" try this (Win-Syntax):
- open a command shell
- set the environment variable ANT_HOME to
- extend the environment variable PATH with %ANT_HOME%\bin
- try "ant -version"
(Ant works)
- change to your project directory
- try "ant"


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