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From Mark Salter <>
Subject Re: Passing multi-byte strings from ANT using <sysproperty> task
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2008 20:33:54 GMT
Shashidhar Kotta wrote:

> We are using “–Dfile.encoding=UTF8” jvm args and now we are able to
> pass multi-byte strings from ANT to Java and even from the cmd to
> java also.
> But in our case we have string which has the characters from
> different regions. That's why when we set the system to Korean region
> and pass 'hmỘnяỘỆ' then only the 'я' characters is getting passed
> properly. Other strings are coming as '?'(i.e 'hm?nя??')

Can you explain step by step what you are trying to achieve?

How are you viewing the contents of the file you are producing?  Are you
using a viewing method that supports the UTF-8 encoding properly?

This page:-

describes nicely the encoding structures you are dealing with.
I'm sorry to say that I had an incorrect view of what could and could
not be represented in this encoding.  I see now I was incorrectly
confusing UTF-8 with ASCII-8!

If you are :-

  specifying various strings within an ant build.xml file,
  to have ant pass them through to your code,
  which then writes the String to a file...

Then you need to be careful with what tools you use to view and check
(perhaps edit) the result.

How are you checking your result? What commands or application are you
using to see 'hm?nя??' ?


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