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From Mark Salter <>
Subject Re: JUnit Report (Please help me, i am trying this from past two weeks)
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 10:55:56 GMT
Phani Kumar wrote:

> I am trying to generate html report through ant build.xml file, in that
> process i am able to run my test successfully but it fails to generate html
> report and it giving me error "java.lang.NoSuchMe
> ant.types. resources. Resources.
> dieOnCircularRef erence()V"

This looks to me that you have a circular reference somewhere in your
> i am giving my build.xml file below.. please let me know where did i went
> wrong..and with what changes it works successfully

Which task is failing please?

>     <pathelement path="${c:\junit4.5\junit-4.5.jar}"/>

Using ${ to indicate a variable when an absolute path is given looks
very odd to me, but could it cause this problem?

So more people can consider helping...

...Could you post:-
- the full stack trace (copy/paste),
- any messages issued by ant - there must be some?

Also take a look at the verbose output from ant -verbose, you might find
something useful there.

You might also - if you have a spare second - take a quick look at :-

As you have already spent time on this over the last two weeks, it is
probably worth spending a bit more so you can pose a smart question,
which may in turn get you the answer you need.	


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