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From Mark Salter <>
Subject Re: Ant : Very slow on Vista
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2008 17:28:39 GMT
Eric Cambray (BlueXML) wrote:
> I tested with ant command line or from Eclipse, it's equal. And with -v
> option I see that all task are speed but the task end for 2 or 3 seconds
> and restart for 1-2 seconds, with task manager I see my CPU work (to
> 25%) then nothing, 25%, nothing, ...
> I tested on Dual Core laptop (4Go RAM) and single core computer (2Go
> RAM) under Vista : both are slow.
I wonder if you observed a significant difference in the times each of
these machines took to run?

On the basis that your problem does not appear to be dependant upon cpu
(or lack of)...

... and assuming that all other items are comparable (disk
throughput/memory speeds...)...

You don't say, but are your ant activities and the inputs/output all
local to your machine, or does the run involve network activity?
Are you connecting to your network at the same speed and manner as those
how have the faster times.

If no network is involved, then please ignore me.

If however a network is involved, then I would suggest removing ant from
your search and consider vista network tuning :-

Suggestions in these result include things like (but not limited to):-

Turning of IPv6 (if you are not using it),
Uncheck "Remote Differential Compression",
checking your DNS resolution speeds,
ping times.

I'm sure you can work through some of the results just to see if
changing these sort of things help.

If nothing above helps and you think it is specific to ant, we will need
to know more about your ant tasks and perhaps you can identify a
particularly slow portion of your any project in order to track the
problem down.


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