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From "Anna Teittinen" <>
Subject Need help in build.xml file...
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2008 00:21:27 GMT

I am relatively new to using ant.
Can somebody help me with a problem I have in my build.xml file?
Below is a snippet of code from my build.xml file.
Below, "caratsharp.dir" refers to a directory.
Basically, if that directory exists, then the clean, prepare, jar, and copy_jar targets will
get called; otherwise, an error msg should be printed and nothing more happens.

When this build.xml is called when the "caratsharp.dir" directory exists, all the antcall
commands get done... great!
However, when I run this script when the "caratsharp.dir" directory does not exist, the error
msg does not get printed.

Does anyone have any insight to why the error msg ("${caratsharp.dir} does not exist") does
not get printed?

 <target name="checkForCaratSharpDir">
  <available property="present" file="${caratsharp.dir}" /> 
  <available property="isaDir" file="${caratsharp.dir}" type="dir" /> 
 <condition property="isaDir">
  <isset property="present" /> 
  <isset property="isaFile" /> 
 <target name="exists" depends="checkForCaratSharpDir" if="present">
  <echo message="${caratsharp.dir} exists" /> 
  <antcall target="clean" /> 
  <antcall target="prepare" /> 
  <antcall target="jar" /> 
  <antcall target="copy_jar" /> 
 <target name="printError" depends="checkForCaratSharpDir" if="isaFile">
  <echo message="${caratsharp.dir} does not exist" /> 
  <target name="all" depends="exists,printError" description="Cleans, compile then builds
the JAR file." /> 

Thanks so much in advance for your help,

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