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From <>
Subject AW: Order of files inside a fileset
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2008 13:09:49 GMT
>I don't really care much about id, as I only need the fileset 
>as a nested
>element inside a task. The good question now is can I use
><sort><fileset>...</fileset> </sort>
>wherever I would normally use
>What about elements that have a nested element that inherits 
>from fileset?
>Like for instance the jmeter task, which takes a nested 
>something inherited
>from fileset to specify a set of test files?

Some words about the internal:
- <fileset> is a special <resouces> (ResourceCollection, RC)
- RC is a special <resouce>
- most (all?) core tasks are changed to support RCs. Sometimes they
whine if you
  give them other resources than file resources, but basically they
- external task maybe are unchaged and therefore support only the "old" 
  <fileset>s or <path>s.
- special filesets like the <zipfileset> extends <fileset> and therefore
  are also supported (but also in external tasks)

So you should be able to use <sort>...</> with the core tasks and
'maybe' that 
works with external tasks like JMeter. See their manual for that (or
their sources).


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