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From "Bob Hays, Computer Geek" <>
Subject Re: smoke testing after ant?
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 21:41:01 GMT
You don't have to switch build tools; those links were probably provided to give you a place
to start looking at examples.

The simplest way to run a smoke test is to use the <exec> task to run whatever smoke
test tool you prefer.  If you're favorite automated test tool has an Ant task already available
(perhaps in the optional tasks or from the creator of the tool), you can use that of course.

You may wish to rearrange your build slightly - you may wish to have a build target that builds
a development version, and then another target that invokes the development build and then
does a test deployment (you might use the ftp task if you're putting it on another host) and
executes the smoke test.  You might want to wrap the "deploy and test" bits to make sure they
only happen serially (you don't want two people to deploy to the same place at nearly the
same time, or even until the first test completes).

Again, the tool doesn't matter, you could use imake for example :-)

I've done this in a very, very past life (probably 5 - 7 years ago) with a custom test harness
we wrote for an integration tool kit - worked great, tested the deployment and ran a smoke
test all at once; if you can do local deployments then your engineers can run the same thing
when they make "complex, nasty" changes and help verify that what they check in is valid.

Hope that helps.  Have fun! - Bob

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>From: jpyork <>
>Sent: Nov 10, 2008 12:40 PM
>Subject: Re: smoke testing after ant?
>Gilbert Rebhan wrote:
>> jpyork schrieb:
>>> I am just wondering if anyone does automated smoke testing after a build
>>> and
>>> if so...what program do they use and do they have ant triggering it?  I
>>> am
>>> looking to do a very basic smoke test after my builds and trigger it with
>>> maybe a login and then hit some basic pages...that sort of
>>> thing...anyone doing this already?
>> some links to get you started =
>> CruiseControl
>> Luntbuild
>> Regards, Gilbert
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>I thought these programs were for building, I currently use PMease
>(Luntbuild), but I don't really want to change the whole build
>program...just looking for something to trigger after the build is deployed
>to the app server.  Will the above programs actually login to a web app and
>test say links on pages....
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