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From Markus Ueberall <>
Subject Combining output from multiple javadoc tasks?
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2008 18:02:57 GMT

Using a bridge/factory/adapter pattern combination, I'm facing the 
problem to combine the output from multiple javadoc tasks so that all 
backend-specific classes show up in the main index.
While compiling the classes for the different backends works flawlessly 
using the first template below, I have no idea how to _elegantly_ 
include the output of previous javadoc runs in the last one...
(I guess one could move the index files from the previous runs out of 
the way and "merge them back in" afterwards, but surely I'm not the 
first one to do this, or am I?)

<!-- it's impossible to build classes from multiple backends due to
      namespace clashes (ugh!) -->
<javac srcdir="${basedir}/src" destdir="${basedir}/build/classes"
    debug="${compile.debug}" includes="localdomain/backend/XYZ/">
       <classpath refid="compile.classpath" />
       <classpath refid="compile.classpath.XYZ" />
<!-- indexes in ${basedir}/build/javadoc get overwritten -->
<javadoc destdir="${basedir}/build/javadoc" sourcepath="${basedir}/src"
       <classpath refid="compile.classpath" />
       <classpath refid="compile.classpath.XYZ" />

Ad astra, Markus

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