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From <>
Subject AW: Build fails when 'java' task's "arg line" contains a directory path with spaces
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 05:18:49 GMT
>> Just correcting my example; obviously you only want to quote the
>> arguments: <arg line="'@{type}' '@{configDir}'"/>
>That could still confuse the line breaking code.
>I would suggest
>1. breaking everything up
><arg value="@{type}"/>
><arg location="@{configDir}"/>
>2. run ant -verbose to see what is being passed in
>The @{} signs show that macros are at play; if there is one place bad 
>things happen it is there, as property expansion can take place twice, 
>and other quirks may show up.

I suggest also that you try the prompted command.
Ant will prompt the generated command in verbose|debug mode...


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