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Subject Re: scriptdef with nested fileset and mapper
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 10:47:14 GMT
Hi Gilbert,

thanks for the source. I've managed to hack a similar script,
but your code is way more ruby style than mine ;-)

I need to patch/stamp a number of binary files during copy (packing
a release product). Since the replace-filters in ant are all
text-based I cannot use the normal ant tasks.

Also I wanted to see how ruby-inside-ant looks as a replacement
for our large collection of gmake,ruby,batch,tcl etc. scripts
I would like to have only one file per component (build.xml).

Maybe you know:
Currently I'm using eclipse to write ruby-scripts inside ant-xml.
Is there a way to configure eclipse to have better  
debugging/development output (like the line of error, debug stepping  
etc.) ?



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