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From c0uchm0nster <>
Subject Force fileset to relative paths?
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2008 19:03:27 GMT
I'm in a kind of messed up development environment, so before my
question I'm going to provide a little background:

My project depends on (among other things) DirectX and DXUT to build (C++).
My server is running linux, and it's not really an option to switch
over to windows.
My goal is a cross-compile environment on the server to check svn
commits (I'm planning to use CruiseControl).
I went pretty far setting up a cross-dev environemtn using mingw32,
and of course ran into trouble when I needed to compile against
DirectX. It seems mingw doesn't like the DX headers, and also may or
may not have trouble with unicode projects (which DXUT requires). So,
long story short I dropped mingw and decided to use MSVC which runs
pretty damn well under wine.

I'm using the cpptasks plugin, or taskdef, or whatever they're called
(sorry, I'm brand new to ant), and a shell script to call msvc through
wine, which is working pretty well.

My (hopefully) last problem now is this: In the fileset to grab all
the .cpp files it takes all the relative search paths I set and makes
them absolute paths, so "**/*.cpp" turns into, for example,
/var/cruisecontrol/checkout/idkfa/src/messaging/eventmanager.cpp .
What's wrong with that? Well, since this gets passed to cl (the MSVC
command-line compiler), and since most windows apps (cl included) use
/ for command-line flags instead of - it tries to interpret every
single file as some command-line parameter instead of a file:

[cpptasks:cc] cl : Command line warning D9002 : ignoring unknown
option '/var/cruisecontrol/checkout/idkfa/libs/include/DXUT.cpp'

SO, finally, my question: Is there any way to force the fileset
returned values to be relative paths? Or is there any way I can modify
what it returns, through a find-replace or some kind of tool?

Of course, if anyone has a better build automation solution for me I
would absolutely love to hear it since this seems hack-a-licious and
prone to failure to me.

Thank you!

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