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From John5342 <>
Subject Re: Custom element for jar task.
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:03:11 GMT

Thanks for the reply.

>Does it produce a classpath??
>What do you expect should the jar task do with the element?

I explained in my first email but will clarify.

My aim is to create an enhanced service element for the jar task. I
subclassed the Service class because i know the jar task already knows what
to do with the service element. My AutoService subclass then has an extra
attribute (naed classpath) that AutoService will search for possible
providers. For each provider AutoService finds I am simply calling

From what i understand from documentation is that with a few exceptions with
type conversion (such as String to Path and such) elements cause the
appropriate type (known from taskdef and typedef) to be constructed and
added to the first addXX function that can handle the type. My hope was that
since AutoService is a subclass of Service (and therefore looks and acts the
same from the jar tasks point of view) everything would just work.

Have i misunderstood how ant works?

Is there a way around this?

Is the best way to just create a specialised jar task instead?

Is easy enough to create a new jar task instead but my approach if it works
just seemed cleaner.

And in case it makes any difference:
>What i understood:
>You created a task called autoservice.
Service from which i inherit doesnt actually implement Task so doesnt seem
to be a task as such.

Thanks, John

2008/9/11 Knuplesch, Juergen <>

> Hello,
> The error you get tells simply, that your created task is not an allowed
> subelement of the jar-task.
> You run into a syntax error.
> It is not possible to change the jar task (or any other task) by adding
> your own tasks as subelements.
> Probably you have to write your own jar-task, that will understand your
> subelement.
> What i understood:
> You created a task called autoservice.
> What does this task do?
> Does it produce a classpath??
> What do you expect should the jar task do with the element?
> Tell us and then you will get probably some hints to do what you want.
> Then you have to write your own Ant-Task doing the stuff you want.
> --
> J├╝rgen Knuplesch
> -----Urspr├╝ngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: John5342 []
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 10. September 2008 20:08
> An:
> Betreff: Custom element for jar task.
> Hi,
> I have a rapidly evolving project which contains a large and varying number
> of service providers. I was hoping to create to create a more specialized
> version of the service element that automatically scans for providers in a
> give classpath but have run into some trouble asuming what i want to do is
> even possible.
> I started off by subclassing which
> provides the current service element and added setClassPath() and some lgic
> to automatically scan the given classpath for any classes implementing the
> the given type and add add appropriate providers to Service. I then added
> the following to my build.xml:
> <target name="autoservice.taskdef" depends="autoservice.compile">
>    <typedef name="autoservice" classname=""
> classpath="${autoservice.classes}"/>
> </target>
> <target name="jar" depends="autoservice.taskdef,project.compile">
>    <jar destfile="${build.dir}">
>      <fileset dir="${src.dir}"/>
>      <autoservice type="ag.core.AGApp" classpath="${build.dir}"/>
>    </jar>
> </target>
> autoservice.taskdef runs fine but when i get to the jar target i get the
> following error:
> /Projects/ag/build.xml:103: jar doesn't support the nested "autoservice"
> element.
> Is what i am trying to do even possible? and if so any ideas where to go
> from here?
> Thanks, John
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