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From "Nan Null" <>
Subject Using property file to store a list
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 14:29:48 GMT
Hi, I need to provide a fileset in ANT that is customizable by the
developers.  To do that, I am thinking of a customized property file
for each developer to put in the list of files for the fileset.  My
question is how do I have this in the property file?  I am thinking of
a comma separated property.  Then how do I turn this single value with
comma separated into a fileset inside ANT?  Is there another method?
If not, please give me a hint on write some custom code to make this a
fileset.  I am not asking on how to split a string here.  I mean to
ask for how to extends ANT so I can have a customized fileset like
this.  Thanks.

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