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From Florijan Stamenkovic <>
Subject Re: fileset manipulation
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2008 16:08:19 GMT

On Aug 06, 2008, at 11:35, Matt Benson wrote:

> To answer your original query, F, for the time being I
> would probably load your includesfile using <loadfile>
> with a nested filterchain and thereby customize your
> basic includesfile for each occasion.

Huh, I can't find something to append text at the end of a line (the  
opposite of PrefixLines) in the documentation (link below). Am I  
missing something obvious? I guess that token filter + ReplaceRegex  
should do the trick though.

Thanks for pointing it out though, I missed this as an option.

> I'm assuming
> that you've already determined that the subdirectories
> enumerated in that basic file follow no generalizable
> pattern.

I am not sure that I understand your point. The structure of the  
subdirectories declared in the includes file is predictable. It is  
just that I require different things from it, at different times. For  
example, for a given Foo folder, at one point I need to get Foo/dist/ 
Foo.framework/**/*.* and at other times I need Foo/build.xml
Is that what you're asking?


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