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From Remi Malessa <>
Subject checksum task problem
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2008 09:16:24 GMT
Hello everybody, I'm new to this list.
I've come across a problem with the <checksum> task.

I'm trying to create md5 checksum for some files I'm about
to move.
The files are currently located in ${installDir}/${meta}
My piece of ant build file looks like this:

<checksum todir="${backup}/${meta}">
            <fileset dir="${installDir}/${meta}">
                <include name="*.xml" />

Whatever I try, removing the include, removing the todir . . .
it doesn't work. I get :

/home/rem/workspace/CDAS/build.xml:32: Specify at least one source - a 
file or a resource collection.

Any ideas ?


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