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From "Brill, C" <>
Subject Executing multiple .sql in one Transaction
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 12:19:10 GMT
I'm trying to execute multiple sql-files within the sql-task in one transaction.
that means a rollback should be done if one of these files doesn't work.
for example the stored procedures test1.sql and test2.sql are fine and test3.sql crashes.
in that case test1 and test2 should not be in the database.

<sql driver="com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver"
  userid="symosyad" password="***" onerror="stop" print="true" delimiter="ยง"
  keepformat="true" autocommit="off">
    <pathelement location="${name.dir.jdbc}" />
    <pathelement path="${classpath}" />
  <fileset dir="${}/${name.label/${name.dir.vob.root}/DB/symosy_net/procedures"
includes="*.sql" />

could you please tell me how to do that?


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