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From Hendrik Maryns <>
Subject [newbie] Why doesn’t my fileset get deleted?
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 14:12:01 GMT

I am struggling to set up my JNI project with Ant.

I already have makefiles for the C part and for now, I resort to using

	<target name="c-build" description="Build the C files">
		<mkdir dir="${bindir}/Mona"/>
		<exec executable="make" dir="makefiles" />

but I’d be happy if people could point me to other ways to to this. 
make invokes gcc, sets some platform-dependent compiler options and 
invokes swig.  Not easy to do in Ant, as far as I can tell.

But now to my real question: my clean target does not do as expected.  I 
have the following:

<property name="srcdir" value="src" />
<property name="bindir" value="bin" />

<target name="clean">
  <delete dir="${bindir}" />
   <fileset dir="${srcdir}/de/uni_tuebingen/sfb/lichtenstein/binarytrees">
    <patternset id="">
     <include name=",,mg*.java" />

The bin directory gets deleted as expected, but those java files are 
not.  Why?

Buildfile: /home/hendrik/workspace/MonaSearch/build.xml
    [delete] Deleting directory /home/hendrik/workspace/MonaSearch/bin
Total time: 383 milliseconds

Hendrik Maryns
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