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From Nicole Luneburg <>
Subject unjar/unzip makes expanded folder read-only
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 07:07:48 GMT

Hi all,

I have a war file which I need to:
1. expand
2. replace a file in the expanded war
3. war it up again

(without going into too much detail, no I can't do it at the start when I first war up the

I'm using Windows.
My problem is that when the war is expanded, which creates a folder, that folder is set to
have all the folders within to be read-only (see screenshot here:

Because of this, I cannot replace any file in the expanded war (I.e. it keeps saying Access
I have tried a number of things now like:

<mkdir dir="expandedwar" />
<unjar src="src.war" dest="expandedwar" />
<attrib readonly="false">
  <dirset dir="expandedwar" />
<copy file="file.txt" tofile="expandedwar/file.txt" overwrite="true" />
<!-- jar up expandedwar again -->

2. same as #1 except took out the mkdir since the unjar task creates the dest directory for
me anyway.

3. same as #1 except used unzip instead of unjar

The funny thing is someone else also on Windows is able to simply unjar, copy file, jar up
again (ie exactly like #1 but without the <attrib ... stuff) and it all works fine, just
not for me.

Does anyone know why this occurs?


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