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From Reinhardt Christiansen <>
Subject Re: Question about scp
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 13:36:33 GMT
I see. Well, it's nice to know that it wasn't a case of me being stupid. 
It's a shame that it has to be that complicated to copy a tree from the 
remote Linux machine to my PC but that's life, I suppose.

Thanks for the information.


Anderson, Rob (Global Trade) wrote:
> You need to use a nested fileset in your scp task. In order to do this
> you would need to run ant on the host where the files reside. You cannot
> use a nested fileset as a source for the copy when they are on a remote
> host. I would setup cygwin sshd on the windows box and run ant on the
> linux box.
> -Rob Anderson
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> From: Reinhardt Christiansen [] 
> Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008 7:15 AM
> To: ant-user
> Subject: Question about scp
> I am successfully using the Ant (1.7.0) scp task in Ant 1.7.0 but I have
> some questions that don't seem to be answered in the documentation.
> With respect to scp, is it possible to copy a whole directory tree from 
> a local machine to a remote machine?
> Let's say I have this directory tree on my remote (Linux) machine:
> /home
> /home/abc
> /home/abc/css
> /home/abc/images
> /home/abc/images/thumbnails
> /home/abc/images/thumbnails/new
> /home/abc/images/fullsize
> /home/abc/text
> /home/abc/text/foo
> /home/abc/text/foo/old
> /home/abc/text/foo/new
> /home/abc/text/bar
> /home/abc/text/baz
> Each directory contains files and most also contain subdirectories.
> Now, I'd like to take a backup of this information on my local (Windows)
> machine. That backup should replicate the structure on the remote 
> machine, like this:
> c:\backups\abc
> c:\backups\abc\css
> c:\backups\abc\images
> c:\backups\abc\images\thumbnails
> c:\backups\abc\images\thumbnails\new
> c:\backups\abc\images\fullsize
> c:\backups\abc\text
> c:\backups\abc\text\foo
> c:\backups\abc\text\foo\old
> c:\backups\abc\text\foo\new
> c:\backups\abc\text\bar
> c:\backups\abc\text\baz
> I'm finding that I can copy a partial directory tree from the remote 
> machine to the local machine without any trouble. For example, if I want
> to copy the /home/abc/images directory _and all of its subdirectories_ 
> on the remote machine to the local machine, I can do it easily enough
> via:
>     <scp 
> file="${loginid}@${remote.hostname}:${remote.root.dir}/images/*" 
> trust="true"
>           keyfile="${remote.keyfile}" passphrase="${passphrase}" 
>         todir="${local.dir}/images"/>
> However, when I try to copy a partial directory from the local machine 
> to the remote machine, it only ever copies the highest level directory 
> and won't recurse to the lower levels. For example, if I want to copy 
> c:\backups\abc\text to the remote machine, It only copies the 
> c:\backups\abc\text directory and never recurses down to any of the 
> subdirectories below c:\backups\abc\text.
> I'm guessing that I just haven't written the scp instructions correctly.
> As is all too often the case, I'm finding that the examples in the Ant 
> manual for a given command either don't show you an example of what 
> you're trying to do or fail to explain it very well. In the case of scp,
> the examples that show copying directories from a local machine to a 
> remote machine don't indicate if they _can_ recurse, let alone how to 
> make it recurse if it is possible.
> Is it possible to recurse through subdirectories when copying from a 
> directory on a local machine to a remote machine? If it is, could 
> someone please tell me what I'd need to write to copy 
> c:\backups\abc\text and all of its subdirectories to the remote machine?
> I've tried it every way I can think of but it never recurses.
> --
> Rhino
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