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From supareno <>
Subject Re: newbie question regarding setting environment variables
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2008 20:28:36 GMT

can you give us the result of 'ant -diagnostics'  or 'ant -diagnostics | 
grep tools' to see tools.jar is in your path
if not, what is the result of 'echo $JAVA_HOME'?

to set your JAVA_HOME:

edit your bashrc file
vi ~/.bashrc

add these lines at the end your bashrc file


export PATH
export JAVA_HOME
export JDK_HOME

save your changes

[ <esc> + : + w + q ] in the vi editor

reload your bashrc file (not sure that is useful)

source ~/.bashrc

try echo $JAVA_HOME
you must see /<path_to_your_jdk>/

and after try ant -diagnostics

hope this help


> I have ant install on Ubuntu 8.04.
> When I try to run ant I get an error message, "Unable to locate tools.jar,
> etc.".
> I expect that I have to set JAVA_HOME, but for the life of me I can not
> figure out where or how.
> I have checked the manual, the FAQ, etc. I guess I'm just being dense today.
> Can someone help?
> Thank you.

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