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From "Andy Stevens" <>
Subject Is it possible to run a target for each file in a fileset?
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 11:40:12 GMT

I'm trying to include jslint in the build script for one of our web
apps, using Rhino to run the jslint.js javascript file.

Initially, I used
        <java classname=""
failonerror="true" fork="true">
            <arg value="lib/test/jslint.js"/>
            <arg value="${build.web.dir}/javascript/main.js"/>
            <classpath path="lib/test/rhinojs-1.7r1.jar"/>
(an earlier target copies main.js from the original source folder to
the build directory ${build.web.dir}, applying some token
substitution).  This worked just fine.

However, but we have more javascript files than just main.js and
jslint only appears to expect one argument for the file to check.  So
I need to run the above on each of our files in turn.  Since this
didn't appear to be possible with <java> alone I turned to
        <apply executable="java" verbose="true">
            <arg value="-classpath"/>
            <arg value="lib/test/rhinojs-1.7r1.jar"/>
            <arg value=""/>
            <arg value="lib/test/jslint.js"/>
            <fileset dir="${build.web.dir}/javascript" includes="**/*.js"/>
Not ideal, but so long as there's a java executable on the path I
guess it'll work.  I'd rather have used <java> for the various
classpath etc. settings, but it'll do.  Perhaps one day some of this
behaviour might be included in the java task, or someone will come up
with an <applyjava> task that combines the two, or maybe the <apply>
task could be changed to specify/nest another target or task instead
of the executable...

The only problem with the above is that jslint.js doesn't output the
filename of the file it's processing, so if more than one javascript
file produces warnings, all I get is a bunch of line & column numbers
with no clue as to which of the problems are in which file(s) :-(  So
before it runs jslint each time I want to print the filename.  I
suppose I could create a batch file to do this (containing an echo and
the above java command, each with %1 in their arguments) and have
<apply> call that, but I'd rather do it in the Ant script if possible.
 I haven't found a way to combine the echo & java commands into a
single command line (separating them with ; just makes it ignore the
second command) so I'm wondering if it's possible to loop over the
fileset and call a separate target (containing <echo> and <java>
tasks) for each one in turn, passing the filename in a
property/parameter?  Kind of like a cross between the <apply> and
<ant>/<antcall> tasks.

Is that possible, or is the batch file going to be the easiest way to
do what I need?  Or can anyone suggest another way I've not thought


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