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From "Eric Marshall" <>
Subject trouble with dependset under ant v1.7
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 19:43:11 GMT
   I have the following dependset declaration
in one of our project's build files:

   <srcfileset     dir="src"                    includes="**/*.java"/>
   <srcfileset     dir="${extern.dep.dir}/dist" includes="**/*.jar"/>

   <targetfilelist dir="dist"

with the intention that any newer project source file
or any newer external dependent jar will cause our project's
jar file to be removed.

The problem I'm having under Red Hat Linux 4.4 is
that with "ant -v", ant says that the newest source
file is a Java file from the first srcfileset
definition, although the jar file specified in
the second srcfileset definition is much newer.
The jar file from the second srcfileset definition
is even newer than the project's jar file, so
I was expecting the dependset to remove the project's
jar file, but because ant is misreporting the
date information from the source file set, that's
not happening. Is this a bug in dependset or am
I not understanding the documentation correctly?

   Thanks in advance.

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