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From "Gilles Scokart" <>
Subject Re: Storing all libs in SCM?
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 07:03:21 GMT
You should look at

2008/6/2 Tim Visher <>:
> Hello Everyone,
> I've been working on setting up an automated build environment using
> Ant for a few days while I try to move towards the Continuous
> Integration benchmark and I've run into a major snag that I can't seem
> to get past.  I've been doing a lot of reading about Agile Processes
> and Continuous Integration and one of the major things that keeps
> getting brought up is that you should have every component needed to
> build your software stored centrally via SCM in order to ensure that
> you are always able to reproduce any build.  I'm probably going to
> stop short of throwing the OS and DB software in there, but I would
> like to store all necessary lib jars (such as javaee.jar and mail.jar)
> in there so that when a vanilla box checks out the software, it has a
> constant place to look for all necessary library components.  So far,
> I've gotten things to work by putting the necessary lib files in
> ANT_HOME/lib and by using the -lib flag to specify an alternate
> location that also has the necessary lib files, but I can't figure out
> how to pass something like the -lib option internally to the build.xml
> file.  I've tried specifying the classpath property in the javac task
> but that did not work either, even though when I ran ant in -verbose
> mode the classpath option that was apparently being passed to javac
> did have the correct folder on it.
> I'm not sure where the break down in my understanding is but hopefully
> the above is more than enough info for someone to help me.  If it's
> not, please just ask as I've wasted too much time trouncing through
> the documentation.
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> --
> In Christ,
> Timmy V.
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Gilles Scokart

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