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From "Andrew Clegg" <>
Subject Reminders for manual tasks
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 16:10:55 GMT
Afternoon all,

I have several files in my project that need to be updated manually --
UML files and class diagrams generated from XML schemas in hyperModel

What I want to do is check the UML files against the schemas with
uptodate during the build process, and issue a warning for each one
that needs to be rebuilt.

Ideally this would involve something like a fileset that I could
iterate over with the for task from contrib, giving the same message
to each one, but is there a way to add a file to an already-existing

Even more ideally, I'd like to defer printing the messages until all
the other targets have completed, so that they won't get swamped by
the output of other tasks.

Anybody got a cunning solution to this sort of thing?

Thanks, and have a good weekend!


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