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From "David Weintraub" <>
Subject Re: how to echo propertyset to file?
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2008 14:13:25 GMT
The easiest way to turn a resource ID into something that can be
echoed is to set a property via a resource ID:

<propertyset id="midlet_properties">
       <propertyref prefix="MIDlet_"/>

<property name="midlet_property_set" refid="midlet_properties"/>
<echo>Property Set: ${midlet_property_set}</echo>

I just ran a test:

project name="myapp" default="test" basedir=".">
     <target name="test">
         <property name="bar_one" value="one"/>
         <property name="bar_two" value="two"/>
         <property name="bar_three" value="three"/>
         <property name="bar_four" value="four"/>

         <property name="foo_one" value="one"/>
         <property name="foo_two" value="two"/>
         <property name="foo_three" value="three"/>
         <property name="foo_four" value="four"/>

         <propertyset id="foo_props">
             <propertyref prefix="foo_"/>

         <property name="foo_prop" refid="foo_props"/>

         <echo>Property = "${foo_prop}"</echo>

/Users/david$ ant
Buildfile: build.xml

     [echo] Property = "foo_four=four, foo_one=one, foo_three=three,

Total time: 2 seconds

Is this what you're looking for?

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 5:29 AM, Daniel Gröndal
<> wrote:
> Hi all!
> I have a problem echoing a set of properties to a specified file. I have a number of
properties which have a common prefix, but the exact number is undefined, so these properties
are selectable by a propertyset by I do not know the exakt number.
> The reason for this somewhat uncommon setup is that I have created a common "base" file
(common.xml) that is imported into other (project specific) build files in my workspace. This
saves me a lot of time and typing since my projects have similiar setup. This base file has
a target for creating a jad-file (a sort of manifest file used in MIDlet development) which
holds information about a jar-file. The importing build files however holds some information
about midlets that is not known when creating the common base build file, and therefore I
have to be able to find these properties and print them in a generic way, regardless of how
many they are.
> The target just looks like this:
> <!--_________Creates the jad file for the project_________
> <target name="create.jad" description="Creates a jad file for the midlet suite.">
>        <echo file="${}.jad" message="MIDlet-Version: ${MIDletVersion}${line.separator}"
>        <echo file="${}.jad" message="MIDlet-Vendor: ${MIDletVendor}${line.separator}"
>        <echo file="${}.jad" message="MIDlet-Jar-URL: ${MIDletJarUrl}${line.separator}"
>        <!-- and on it goes for some more properties including my unknown number of
specific properties -->
> </target>
> The properties echoed (such as MIDletVersion etc) out are set by the build file importing
the base file.
> At the end of this target I would like to echo out all properties with a certain prefix.
The propertyset I want to output can be created like:
> <propertyset id="midlet_properties">
>        <propertyref prefix="MIDlet_"/>
> </propertyset>
> But how do I echo this propertyset to the specified file? I tried using <echoproperties>
(I know this might not be the intention of echoproperties). That gives me some additional
lines at the top of the file that I do not want. I also tried using pathconvert but that really
needs a path, not a propertyset.
> Do I have to use foreach from ant-contrib? Are there any other (reasonable) way to do
this? Any suggestions are more than welcome right now.
> Thanks,
> //daniel
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David Weintraub

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