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From Reinhardt Christiansen <>
Subject Re: SCP/SSHEXEC tasks: Download of jsch-0.1.39 jar
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2008 04:54:34 GMT
Hi Kevin,

You're brilliant! I tried another mirror, this time in Berlin rather 
than in San Jose, and this time the link took me to the jar and I 
downloaded the file just fine.

It never occurred to me that has mirrors; I never 
noticed the mirror name amidst the rest of the clutter on the page. I 
should have thought of it myself, I suppose, but you saved me the 
trouble ;-)

Thanks a lot, Kevin!


Kevin Jackson wrote:
> Hi,
>> The manual says that I need any version of the jsch jar, version 0.1.28 or
>> above. The JCraft page shows the current version is 0.1.39. Both a zip and a
>> jar is available for download but, unfortunately, something is messed up
>> with the link for the jar. When I try to download the jar, it takes me to
>> but gives me the zip file, not the jar. The zip file does
>> NOT include the jar so it is useless to me. I've also tried downloading the
>> zip file, thinking the links might be reversed, but it ALSO gives me the zip
>> file.
>> Does anyone know another place to get the jsch jar?
>> I've already send JCraft an email identifying the problem but who knows how
>> responsive they are to email? It could be days, weeks, or months before they
>> read their email and fix the bad link.
> In my experience, the JCraft devs are excellent and very responsive,
> so I doubt your wait will be measured in months/years.
> That said I just tested the download and the jar did download
> correctly for me (I used the taiwan mirror for
> sourceforge as I live in Vietnam and that one seems to be pretty fast
> for me).  Perhaps you should try again and choose a different mirror?
> Kev
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