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From Reinhardt Christiansen <>
Subject SCP/SSHEXEC tasks: Download of jsch-0.1.39 jar
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2008 00:14:15 GMT
I am having trouble getting the jar file needed to support the 
scp/sshexec tasks. I am running Ant 1.7.0 in Eclipse Europa.

The manual says that I need any version of the jsch jar, version 0.1.28 
or above. The JCraft page shows the current version is 0.1.39. Both a 
zip and a jar is available for download but, unfortunately, something is 
messed up with the link for the jar. When I try to download the jar, it 
takes me to but gives me the zip file, not the jar. The 
zip file does NOT include the jar so it is useless to me. I've also 
tried downloading the zip file, thinking the links might be reversed, 
but it ALSO gives me the zip file.

Does anyone know another place to get the jsch jar?

I've already send JCraft an email identifying the problem but who knows 
how responsive they are to email? It could be days, weeks, or months 
before they read their email and fix the bad link.

If anyone can direct me to another source of the jsch jar, I'd 
appreciate it. It doesn't need to be 0.1.39; I'll live with any version 
that works with Ant 1.7.0. (I have jsch-0.1.18 in an old version of 
Eclipse but that isn't new enough for my purposes.)

If anyone could point me to another place to get that jar, I'd 
appreciate it!


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