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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: JUnit task
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 15:40:13 GMT
Tim Visher wrote:
> Wow... let me feel sheepish for a bit as I blithely mentioned the
> acquisition of Ant in Action to its author (sometimes, reading
> signatures is helpful)...  

I took it at a complement. If you'd said it hadn't helped, then I'd be 

>I suppose that means that help from that
> book may be a little bit of a long shot, or was the junit task covered
> somewhat in depth in your book, Steve?

oh yes, there is lots of coverage of it, and the stuff on top, such as 
Cactus, even AntUnit

  - nothing on Junit4. That was not just because Ant1.7 can't handle it, 
but because cactus didnt (does it now?) like it, and I think cactus is 
  -nothing on TestNG. They have their own task and when I do sit down to 
redo the report format, I want to do something they work with too.
  -The HtmlUnit people have been sending me emails telling me off for 
talking about HttpUnit instead :)

Ant1.7 does work with Junit4, but it doesnt report everything as well as 
it should. There are some sublties. Similarly, TestNG has a good notion 
of 'skipped' tests; these are tests that you decide you dont want to run 
(or they decide themselves to be skipped). this is incredibly useful 
when testing stuff that is machine/network specific, but you do want to 
keep track of how many tests are being skipped and what they are.

I'm trying to test complex systems (imagine: a hadoop cluster spread 
over a set of machines, with the logs from all the boxes merged in to 
the results so that you can show/hide the different log levels. ) What 
we have for reporting doesnt work for that, nor does it handle the test 
scenario of "same tests, Java 1.5 and 1.6 on windows/linux/OSX' , where 
you want the results merged under each test, rather than sorted by machine.

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