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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: FTP Problems in 1.7.0
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 17:10:09 GMT
Reinhardt Christiansen wrote:
> NOTE: I never saw this reply in my email client for some reason so I 
> went into MARC and copied and pasted it in here, then reformatted it so 
> that it now looks approximately right.
>  >> Reinhardt Christiansen wrote:
>  >> Can anyone help me with the Ant optional ftp task? I'm finally using 
> Ant
>  >> again for the first time in a couple of years and running into some
>  >> problems.
>  >> I'm using Ant 1.7.0 and my build is basically working fine, aside from
>  >> some issues with the ftp task. My mkdir and send actions are working
>  >> fine so I know that this is not an installation issue, such as missing
>  >> jars. the usual thing that breaks FTP is a weird directory listing 
> at the far end.
>  > What server/language are you using and what does a listing look like? 
> (we do warn about this at the top of the task, but maybe the language
>  > there could be clearer)
> What do you mean when you ask for the server/language? I don't 
> understand the question.

1. Is it Unix, IE, netware or something else
2. what language is the site serving up listings in? English, French, etc.

  Are you asking for the hostname? The operating
> system? And how can I determine the answer? My friend uses a hosting 
> service for his private files and he's given me a bit of play space for 
> a project I'm doing; that's where I'm trying to send the files. I 
> currently use SmartFTP 3.0 to upload/download from the server and it 
> works fine as an interactive tool. 

Sometimes FTP on the command line is good for low-level diagnostics too

> I'm simply trying to write some Ant 
> scripts to automate some of the more repetitive tasks that I need to do.

That's what its there for

> I'm not sure what O/S this server is running but I chose "Show Raw 
> Listing" in SmartFTP and it gave me this for one small directory 
> containing a single file and a folder:
> drwxr-xr-x   3 sfl      pg598770     4096 May 22 06:49 .
> drwxr-xr-x   8 sfl      pg598770     4096 Jun  8 07:24 ..
> -rw-r--r--   1 sfl      pg598770     6546 May 22 07:49 150.css
> drwxr-xr-x   2 sfl      pg598770     4096 May 22 07:37 media

Looks like the same output you'd get from the FTP command line; there's 
nothing immediately unusual about it.

> This looks like some form of Unix/Linux but I'm not sure how to tell the 
> exact O/S if that's what you're asking. Does this answer your question? 
> If not, please tell me where to get the information to answer it.
>  >> Here are my problems:
>  >> 1. I keep getting a MalformedPatternException when I try to do an ftp
>  >> with action="list". It seems to be objecting to the listing
>  >> parameter. I have tried all the variations I can imagine but
>  >> nothing works. could be the response from the far end. Try running 
> at -debug and posting the relevant output as a bug report.
>  >> 2. My action="send" operations work fine as long as I omit the
>  >> depends="yes" parameter. When I include depends="yes", I get
>  >> MalformedPatternException on the line containing the remotedir
>  >> parameter.
>  > Same game. Its trying to parse the date at the far end and failing.
> What date? There's no date in the Ant script.
> Or do you mean data?

There is a date in the listing, which it uses to work out dependencies 
when depends=yes. If it can't parse that listing, trouble (thinking 
about it, that could be improved -a date parse failure should be 
downgraded to 'no dependencies, let's upload anyway)

>  >> Also, with respect to the listing parameter of action="list", can
>  >> someone please clarify whether the file identified in the listing
>  >> parameter is on the server or the remote machine? The documentation is
>  >> not clear on this point. I've looked on both machines and can't find 
> the
>  >> file on either one; it would save me a bit of time if I knew I didn't
>  >> have to look on one of the two machines.
>  > remotedir: base directory from which files are listed
>  > fileset: the remote files located under the remotedir matching the 
> include/exclude patterns of the fileset so, the nested files are the 
> things to list.
> That's not really what I was asking. If the file named in the listing 
> parameter is called xyz.txt, where will xyz.txt appear: on my local 
> computer or on the remote computer? 

the listing is of the remote system.

> And _where_ on that computer will it 
> appear? The root directory? Or some other directory? If it's not going 
> to appear in the root, how can I determine where it will appear?

According to the manual page, in the get example

"the nested filesets use the remotedir attribute as the base directory 
for the files on the FTP server, and the dir attribute as the local 
directory to put the files into. "

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