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From Reinhardt Christiansen <>
Subject FTP Problems in 1.7.0
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2008 04:37:37 GMT
Can anyone help me with the Ant optional ftp task? I'm finally using Ant 
again for the first time in a couple of years and running into some 

I'm using Ant 1.7.0 and my build is basically working fine, aside from 
some issues with the ftp task. My mkdir and send actions are working 
fine so I know that this is not an installation issue, such as missing jars.

Here are my problems:

   1. I keep getting a MalformedPatternException when I try to do an ftp
      with action="list". It seems to be objecting to the listing
      parameter. I have tried all the variations I can imagine but
      nothing works.
   2. My action="send" operations work fine as long as I omit the
      depends="yes" parameter. When I include depends="yes", I get
      MalformedPatternException on the line containing the remotedir

Here is code illustrating the first problem:
     <ftp action="list" server="${servername}" userid="${userid}" 
        description="List contents of directory"
        <fileset dir="${workspace}">
            <include name="*.shtml"/>

Here is code illustrating the second problem; if I omit the depends 
parameter, the send works perfectly:
    <ftp action="send" server="${servername}" userid="${userid}" 
password="${password}" depends="yes"
        description="Upload files for main directory"
        <fileset dir="${workspace}">
            <patternset refid="ps.main"/>

I tried finding some additional examples in the MARC archive but I'm 
darned if I can figure out the syntax for the search feature. I keep 
getting hits that don't contain my search arguments and don't seem to 
bear any relation to what I want. Can anyone tell me how to search on 
all posts that contain: action="list"?

Also, with respect to the listing parameter of action="list", can 
someone please clarify whether the file identified in the listing 
parameter is on the server or the remote machine? The documentation is 
not clear on this point. I've looked on both machines and can't find the 
file on either one; it would save me a bit of time if I knew I didn't 
have to look on one of the two machines.


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