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From Roman Kennke <>
Subject Re: Advanced includes/excludes for javac
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2008 13:22:25 GMT
Hi there,

> I'm at a loss...
> Just curious, why are you doing this or need to do this?

I'm developer of a Java VM project, and we are using most of the class
library from GNU Classpath or OpenJDK, and replace some pieces, like the
java.lang package (the stuff that is closest to the VM basically). We
also wouldn't like to delete .java files from the external class library

Our current solution is to build the list of java classes to be compiled
using a complicated script and passing the result list to javac, but
using ant would be much nicer. (As a side note, the Eclispe IDE is able
to handle such complex includes/excludes too.)

Cheers, Roman


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