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From Roman Kennke <>
Subject Re: Advanced includes/excludes for javac
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2008 12:32:22 GMT
Hi Scot,

> Give this a try:
> <javac ..>
>  	<include name="src/proj1/ src/proj2/"/>
> </javac>

I don't think this works because the include/exclude is always relative
to the src dirs. I think I could trick it by setting the source dir to
some common top-level dir of the two subprojects, but then the javac
task could not map the source to class files anymore and I would end up
compiling all the stuff all the time (something I'd like to avoid).

> The javac task HTML has some more information on this...

Yeah, I already read through it and tried a couple of options, but none
of them seemed to work, for example:

        <pathelement location="proj1" />
        <exclude name="" />
        <pathelement location="proj2" />

doesn't work.

        <fileset dir="proj1">
          <include name="" />
        <fileset dir="proj2">
          <include name="" />

Doesn't work either. Etc etc. The basic problem is that javac only
accepts one set of includes/excludes per javac task, but I need one set
of includes/excludes per srcdir. I'm hoping that I simply overlooked

If this is really not possible, I'd think about extending the javac task
for that, OR implement a special task that can do this. Then I'd like to
discuss at which point you think I should add the includes/excludes.



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