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From "Dave Pawson" <>
Subject Re: Running ANT on Linux
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 18:48:53 GMT
On 24/04/2008, bgolman <> wrote:
>  Hello everyone!
>  I need your help on running the ant task on Linux box. It might sound simple
>  (and so it was for me), however, things turned out to be rather ugly. Any
>  kind of help is appreciated. Now, here's what I'm trying to do:
>  Suppose I have a build.xml script, which includes a following task:
>  <xslt basedir="..."
>  destdir="..."
>  includes="*.*"
>  extension=".xml
>  style="ContentCleanup.xsl">
>  Basically, what it supposed to is to grab all the XML files from the base
>  directory, run it through the aforementioned XSL file and output the results
>  to the destination directory.

That isn't valid with XSLT engines according to the W3C rec. Needs an engine
that supports it. It is viable with Saxon, maybe with Xalan I don't know.
Slow transforms could be due to you running with the default installed
java rather than Sun java, I found that slow.

Another option would be to write an XML file which lists the files to
be transformed, then use the document() xpath call to process them all.


Dave Pawson

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